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President Li Shoulin of China Elevator Association: the present situation and urgent problems of installing Elevators in existing buildings

President Li Shoulin of China Elevator Association: the present situation and urgent problems of installing Elevators in existing buildings

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(Summary description)On May 16, 2019, the 11th National Congress on Building Reconstruction, jointly sponsored by China Institute of Architectural Sciences Co., Ltd., and the whole Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, was hel

President Li Shoulin of China Elevator Association: the present situation and urgent problems of installing Elevators in existing buildings

(Summary description)On May 16, 2019, the 11th National Congress on Building Reconstruction, jointly sponsored by China Institute of Architectural Sciences Co., Ltd., and the whole Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, was hel

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On May 16,2019, the "Eleventh National Congress of Existing Buildings" co-sponsored by the China Construction Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. and the All-China Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is held in Beijing. The General Assembly, on behalf of the "Urban Renewal and Boosting the Development of the Livable City of the City", invited representatives of the urban renewal and existing construction and transformation areas, experts and senior executives to explore the development prospects and trends of urban renewal and existing buildings in the new era, to exchange urban renewal and the latest results of the development of existing buildings, We should strengthen the exchange and cooperation in all links of the industrial chain, and promote the steady and steady development of urban renewal and existing construction. Nearly a thousand delegates from all over the country participated in the General Assembly.

At the "Installation and update of the elevator sub-forum in old residential buildings" undefineds "The present situation and the urgent need to solve the existing construction of the existing building", the president of Chinaundefineds Elevator Association, Li Shoulin, made a keynote speech. 

The following is the statement of President Lee.

I. Necessity and Urgency of Adding an Elevator 

1. The historical reason for the construction of the building to be added with the elevator In the late 1970s and early 1990s, Chinaundefineds per-capita housing was extremely short, and the problem of housing was the main contradiction. As a result, the whole society has built a large number of multi-storey houses from the government to the various units, of which 80% do not have the design to install the elevator. In this way, there are reasons for construction policy and economic reasons. Cause of construction policy: The original design specification of the residential buildings is clearly defined, and the installation of the elevator shall not be designed for the following six layers and the following. Economic reasons: In the early 1980s, the price of the elevator was very high. In the early 1980s, the elevator was in our country or a luxury. The elevator of the 6-layer station included the installation cost of nearly 400,000 yuan, and the initial price was 600-700 yuan per square meter, and the investment capacity was not enough. In 1980, The total number of elevators in the whole country is less than 20,000, most of which are concentrated in hotels, important office buildings and other buildings.

2. The owners of the house were happily moved in. For the past few decades, they have been so happy that they are not up. It was a great difficulty for them to go down and down the stairs, for they were old.

3. This situation is not only unique in China, but there are such problems in many countries in the world. Although the reason for the formation is different, the result is consistent, that is, the travel becomes their great difficulty.

4. The addition of elevators is an issue common between the developed and developing countries in their efforts to address: For example, in the beginning of this century, Japanundefineds neighbor, Japan, adopted policy encouragement and legislation to solve the problem, and the owner of the elevator should be subsidized by 50%; all of Singapore is funded by the government. The United States provides for the deduction of part of the tax on the installation of an elevator, which is 40 per cent,15 per cent and 45 per cent, respectively, by the central government, the local finance and the population.

5. Our countryundefineds policies are of great concern to peopleundefineds livelihood. In 2017, it is led by the Old Cocoa Association to carry out special research on the whole country to solve the problem; in 2018, Premier Li Keqiang, the Premier of the State Council, clearly points out in the government work report, and encourages the conditional addition of the elevator; in 2019, Li Keqiang, the premier of the State Council, also emphasized in the governmentundefineds work report that the addition of an elevator is supported. Local governments have introduced local policies to support the addition of elevators from policy and financial support.

6. General Office of the State Council of the State Council of the Peopleundefineds Republic of China on the Strengthening of the Quality and Safety of the Elevator (No.8 of the State Office of the State of China). in that first period of time, the deputy prime minister of the State Council, Sun Chunlan, said: require the construction department to carry out special research with the relevant departments, and actively promote the adaptation of the nodes of public buildings such as the ramp, the stairs, the elevator, the handrail and other public building, Guide the social forces to provide services, which will not only increase the convenience of the home-based community for the old-age, but also promote economic growth. Key research: The local government has introduced tax and financial support policies related to home-based pension services. The policy, fund, implementation model and current situation of the upgrading of the elevator.

II. Status of the installation of the elevator The addition of elevator works, supported by policy, started in 2018, although a significant increase of 200 per cent, compared with 2017, is still modest. Up to now, the total installation is about 30,000 units. Compared with the actual demand, the demand is about 2.5 million sets. There are many problems that exist.

1. It is difficult to coordinate the difficulty of the userundefineds opinion, and it is difficult to reach an agreement on the non-unit management and the non-unique ownerundefineds household. There are currently small-scale units, such as units, troops, schools, and the like, which are mainly concentrated in the unit management. The main reason is the restriction of the relevant provisions of the property law.

2. The relevant management departments of the local governments have not formed a unified reporting process, and there are many links and different local regulations.

3. In the technology, there is a lack of complete standard specification system to regulate the project quality and installation conditions.

 4. The relationship between the municipal pipe network, power supply, gas supply and other departments is not smooth, and there is no standard report, trial, batch process and pricing mechanism.

5. The implementation of project funds has a certain difficulty and the responsibility of follow-up service management is not clear. The above-mentioned causes are interweaved, resulting in slow speed. The hard exploration of several years, especially the small-scale engineering practice in the last three years, has accumulated a lot of experience to solve the above problems. Several group standards have been put in place, and the local management department also has a good management experience, but has not formed a standard and standardized process. The number and scale of additional ladders in 2019 are strong. With the improvement of the policy and technical regulations, the development prospect is very good.

III. Issues to be addressed

1. Social dimensions:

a. Adjustment of the relationship between parallel laws, Civil Code (General Principles of Civil Law);

b. Administrative issues;

c. Municipal and construction issues;

d. The unification of technical specifications and standards to avoid the same type of building, The design and approval of the design, the set of publishing standards, the origin of the project funds and the relationship between the later management and the property are repeated.

2. Technical level issues:

1) The technical aspects of the elevator:

a. the special-shaped car and the running space are compact;

b. The low temperature resistance of the control system under the condition of no heating in the well shaft in the cold area;

C. The steel structure shaft is designed and constructed according to the structure or the standard of the building. (The cost gap is large and the construction difficulty is very different).

D. Installation of the well shaft in the narrow construction site and the mechanical problems of lifting and transportation of the elevator.

2) the brightness of the elevator signal disc, the size of the code word is to take into account the identification ability of the old people;

3) If the car can accommodate the wheelchair, the temporary fixing device of the wheelchair or directly according to the standard of the disabled elevator shall be set, and the secondary transformation shall be avoided.

4) The elevator should be installed in the non-heating condition of the shaft in the low-temperature area, and the effect of low-temperature on the low-temperature hardening of the control system and the cable should be taken into consideration in advance.

5) Development and application of special equipment for hoisting and transportation of shaft and elevator in narrow construction site.

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