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Guangzhou TV towe

Guangzhou Tower is also known as Guangzhou New TV Tower, nicknamed Xiaobao waist. Located in Guangzhou Haizhu District (Yizhou Island) near the Chigang Tower, 125 meters from the south bank of the Pearl River, with the Pearl River New City, Huacheng Square, Haixinsha Island across the river. The main body of Guangzhou Tower is 454 meters high, the antenna mast is 146 meters high, and the total height is 600 meters. It is the tallest tower in China and the second tallest tower in the world, second only to Tokyo clear Tower. It is a national AAAA scenic spot. Guangzhou Tower has a total construction area of 114054 square meters, with "Spider-Man trestle", which is the tallest and longest walking ladder in the world. The tower has the tallest rotating restaurant in the world and the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The antenna masthead is the highest vertical downhill amusement project in the world. The antenna masthead 488 meters with outdoor photography viewing platform, is the worldundefineds highest outdoor viewing platform, surpassing the Dubai Khalifa Tower 442 meters outdoor viewing platform, and Canada National Television Tower 447 meters "Sky cover" height.
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